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Ever feel like you were about to lose it on your kids?

It’s okay... we’ve all been there...

We all have emotions and we also all have needs... the issue is too common we are concerned with everyone else’s but not our own...because most of us bought into the story that in order to be a good mom, that’s just what you do.

The problem with that is, instead of allowing negative emotions to come up and go out, most of us hold them in and push them down...

Oh, where do they go? In different parts of our body like a storage house... then we just keep adding more and more to the pile and wonder why we’re so tired, can’t curb certain bad habits or are in constant physical pain.

It’s Time to Breathe and Move!

The RESET Breathwork method is a guided 3-part active meditation where you let go of stress as well as “stuck” mindsets and emotions. This transformational practice will get you out of your own head and connected to your body, your creativity, and a deeper sense of self. You’ll end a session feeling more peaceful, clear, and grounded. This practice is so valuable for keepin' calm and mommin’ on. It also can burn up to 700 calories per session #winning!

Events & Workshops

Any events or workshops will be listed below for you to review and register. If you have any questions about any event or workshop listed, you can email me @ hello@ruthinflow.com

Wednesday, December 2O, 2023 - Thriving the Holidays Breathwork Session

The Holidays can be a time of laughter, fun and joy and EXTREMELY stressful as well! From decorating to baking to presents to family,

your nervous system is most likely on high alert.

If you agree, you need this class!

The Thriving the Holidays Breathwork Session will:

• Help your nervous system go from frazzled to grounded

• Help your body identify where stress lives so it can be released through your breath.

• Help you show up more present and peaceful for yourself and your loved ones.

Be prepared to leave this class feeling empowered with ways to keep calm and carry on any time of year!

January 23, 2024-Anger Release Workshop

For Women


As women, unfortunately, many of us are taught anger is not an acceptable emotion and if we display it. we are crazy or bad. This is your permission slip to allow anger to be the main character.

Tap into it powerfully so you can release it and feel lighter and more spacious in your body. This may be the most important thing you could do for yourself this year.

You deserve this for yourself.

Come to this workshop ready to let it go and let it flow so 2024 will truly be a New Year, New You!


My breathing session with Ruth was a beautiful experience. She was so kind and loving, I was immediately at ease. She explained the process thoroughly and I was able to relax and trust the process. As I was breathing, she had loving words of encouragement and a calm, soothing voice. I was able to move into and through the experience with complete surrender. Before we started the session, I felt extremely tired and frustrated. After the process, I felt calm and relaxed, with a clear vision of my purpose as a master coach. I look forward to many more sessions with Ruth. I completely understand why breathwork is vital for self-care, and Ruth holds a perfect, loving space.

-Peyton Adams

'It was my first time ever in a breathwork session. Ruth's calm and understanding demeanor put me at ease right away. The experience was intense!! -In a good way- A lot of emotions came up but Ruth created a safe space for all of us. Can't wait to join her again!!'

- Grecia Gonzalez

Breath work is that thing that I didn’t know I needed until I tried it! Working with Ruth was honestly my favorite experience thus far. She held such a SAFE and beautiful space! I was really able to let go knowing I was being held by her. The feeling afterward is not easy to put into words but I can say that I felt so connected to my truth. I am so grateful to have been able to journey together with others in the group as well. The shared experience, the well-curated music, the encouragement, and the safety of the container made for nothing less than magic. Thank you, Ruth, for sharing your gifts and helping me to explore and utilize a tool that I know will continue to help me step forward into my truth❤️

-Diamanto Magoulis

Emotionally Empowered

A program that incorporates movement and breathwork into ten 90-minute sessions to liberate stuck emotions and feels grounded, present, and powerful. Get ready to release that baggage.

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5 week program


or 2 monthly payments of $150.

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