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See yourself how God always has

A 6 month group coaching program that helps maxed out working moms of faith reclaim peace, restore energy, reignite their passion and realign with God so they can boldly step into their Divine Calling with confidence.

Coaching, 90-day program

Hey mama…I see you.  

 The real you…

The you who feels lost in the mix and piled under the massive weight of life’s responsibilities only peeking out once in a while like a glimmer of light through a crack in the wall when you dare to dream…

Maybe before motherhood that light shined often or maybe it dimmed a long time ago… 


It is still in you. 

The you who God crafted as His Masterpiece.

You were not born to play small. 

You were not made to just survive the day to day, watching the clock and counting down the minutes until night-routine so you can crash on the couch in exhaustion while mindlessly scrolling on Instagram.

I know you’ve felt checked out behind a forced smile as you try to work, upkeep the house, and handle all the other tasks the day demands. 

I know you keep filling your plate with more things because hey, people need you and who else would do it, right? 

By dinner time, you are so on edge, hearing your kids scream and yell as they play or even be touched by little food-covered fingers make you want to snap…and often, you do. 

You’re at a point where at least twice a week you randomly cry over something seemingly small like the one thing you need at the grocery store being out of stock.  

You’re the one in the family holding everything together with little to no support or care for yourself. 

You may be crushing it at work but still crushed by the weight of inadequacy due to the lack of time with your kids or the disarray of the house because it’s still your assumed job.   You are the maid, receptionist, uber driver, therapist, nurse, sounding board, chef, dog walker…list goes on with NO END IN SIGHT and you 👏🏽 have 👏🏽 had 👏🏽 it 👏🏽.

There’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not wrong for feeling any of this…

You’re just maxed out.  

Imagine waking up with enough space to ease into your day before anyone else in the house starts tugging on you for something they need done. 

What if you had regular self care and pleasurable activities plugged into your monthly schedule just for you?  

What if the household chores and other duties were more evenly distributed between at least you and your partner or even your children?  

Imagine waking up everyday to a job you truly loved. Wouldn’t it be amazing to say no to the things you really don’t want to do without feeling guilty?

How much would shift if you could keep your cool no matter how hectic life got? What if you navigated life from a place of solid faith, trusting in God’s process and timing and able to release control?

All of this is not only possible, it’s actually your birthright.  

We as women are the Crown of Creation.

While Adam was made as human 1.0, Eve was crafted as human 2.0; designed to represent God’s beauty and adoration.  Not just the final part of a process like the last ornament hung on a Christmas tree but the Grand Finale…the Finishing Touch…the Masterpiece of creation.  

God really took His time with us and created us as a pillar of strength and importance.  Being made out of a rib demonstrates our unique expression and power as women… 

We protect vulnerable areas.

We can bend and endure intense pressure without breaking.

We are smooth and strong. 

Also, as there is more than one rib, we too are made for connection and relationship…working together to support and maintain the integrity of the whole structure and dynamic of the system.

Just as the body could not survive without ribs, 

life would literally cease to exist without us.

If you really let this truth land, imagine how differently you would view yourself.

It’s time you start living in your full power.

God calling you to be a mom is a powerful position.  Yet, you sit there feeling like the lowest point on the totem pole.  

I know motherhood is REAL and a lot in itself…BUT, it wasn’t designed to break you down to a fragment of what you were born to be…

It was actually entrusted to you because God knew it would provide important lessons to strengthen your skill set for your Divine Assignment:

The unique calling you were put here for in order to increase His Kingdom that only you can do the way you can do it.  

And right now, you’re sitting there feeling stifled and stagnant just distracting yourself with sweets, shopping, social media, Netflix, more activities to your already full plate, focused on “so and so”, list goes on so you can just get up tomorrow and repeat the same autopilot life.


YOU are a Kingdom Woman. 

People in this world need your gifts and you’re caught up trying so hard to get it all right, striving for perfection, feeling responsible for other adults’ emotions, pushing past your edge to the point of exhaustion daily and living in the box of what you think a Christian is supposed to look like while who you were truly put here to be stays in hiding.  

It’s time to get out of your own way, break the mold of conformity, embody your unique blueprint as the Masterpiece you are and 


I know it’s hard because like me, somewhere in life, you bought into the idea that in order to be a good mom, your dreams, needs, desires, etc. had to be put on the shelf indefinitely so you could make sure you gave your all to your family first.  

The truth is, motherhood is indeed an important role…and by living your life full of authenticity, joy and passion THAT is what empowers your children to do the same…not this endless cycle of obligations and busyness.  


Sitting there feeling stagnant, stifled and exhausted is a clear indication that you’re not operating from the true place of the power God designed you for.  

That inner longing for more you can’t silence, push down or avoid anymore is screaming at you to stop the endless servitude and come into your rightful seat as a daughter of The King.

I see you…I was you…and I know a way out.

For years I was lost in the chaotic swirl of motherhood, living the day to day in survival mode just counting down the clock until bedtime so I could finally get some ME time.  It was so bad at one point, I hit an all-time low and considered killing myself.  

Then I found a way out of the dark that has completely changed my life and I am bursting to help you feel that too.


The 6 month group coaching program designed to help moms of faith see themselves how God always has by releasing the endless feeling of “have to’s”, constant comparison and inner criticism and stepping fully into having authority over their time, energy and voice so they can ignite their true power, presence and passion for life.   

When you know you’re a Masterpiece, you have audacity, courage, confidence and strength to claim what’s yours. You are happy in the skin you’re in and demonstrate regular self care.  You have healthy boundaries and a voice to advocate for such.  When faced with obstacles, you don’t succumb to defeat but instead persevere through the trial and become more emboldened.


Who is this for?

You who want more out of life for yourself so you can be more genuinely joyful and present for your family.

You who know you are purposed for more in this world even if you aren’t even sure what you want, let alone how to start.

You who is ready to get off the hamster wheel of always putting everyone else’s needs above your own and finally prioritize self care so when you do serve, it’s genuine, desired and from a full cup.

You who regularly feel triggered by your children when you really desire to deepen your relationship.

You who feel frazzled, desperately trying to keep up your mask of external niceness as you suffer in silence and secretly wish you could just run away to have some peace and rest… 

This program is your answer.

By the end of our time together, you’ll be able to…

  • Release shame, doubt, fear and suppression of any feelings that you’ve been harboring for decades. 

  • Find space to just be who you are and let go of the labels you have been guilted into holding for far too long.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others or hiding parts of you that have been made to feel unwelcome.

  • Find peace with a regulated nervous system…no more snapping at your kids for spilling juice on the couch then staying up all night with guilt as you replay it in your mind. 

  • Be celebrated and encouraged by a beautiful community of like-minded women to let your true self shine.


  • Rediscover the confidence in being who you always were designed to be.

  • Identify what your needs and wants are and effectively communicate them.


  • Operate life from a place of already knowing you are readily accepted, adored, cherished and worthy. 

Masterpiece works because it’s a unique, multifaceted approach to transformation that combines an extensive holistic background and multiple tools I’ve used to help others release physical and emotional pain for years with spirituality that will strengthen your faith, clarify your calling and allow God’s heart to guide your walk.   

It’s different from everything else you’ve tried because it’s actually designed to help you understand how to win the battlefield of your mind for good and operate from a more grounded place in your body.  

I utilize Biblical principles and Divine Truth to guide your relationship with God to new levels of intimacy and understanding so you operate from the solid foundation of inner peace that only comes from knowing Who’s you really are. 

I am also a mom who knows exactly what it feels like to be in your shoes; navigating the unique challenges that come from giving so much of yourself to others while having little to no space for yourself and the guilt that can arise when you try to do things differently.   

Unlike other programs that give you a cookie-cutter template or 3-step system for shifting your mindset, finding your purpose, releasing burnout or knowing your worth, it targets the actual root cause of such struggles and where they live in your body. 

Traditional therapy can dance around the same issues for years making you feel like there’s something wrong with you and self help books can leave you in analysis paralysis.  However, this program meets you in your current struggles and with compassion, empowers you to move boldly forward towards your desired outcome.

The gift of doing this work in a community of support with like-minded women who really see you and desire the same freedom is unmatched.  The added benefit of working with a group strengthens your follow through as you rise together towards achieving what you want while holding each other accountable in the process.    I am here to call you out and call you forward. I don't say the things that you necessarily wanna hear but that you need to hear in order to have the most growth and shifts possible. 

I create a safe and loving space for you to feel fully seen and heard; giving you full permission to express any and everything free of judgment (aka, curse words welcome!).

This is for you if: 

  • You get irritated easily and snap at your kids often.

  • You find yourself crying at random times every week and are tired of the emotional toll.

  • You want to consistently commit and follow-through on improving your health.

  • You long to feel confident, vibrant and excited about life.

  • You want to strengthen your faith and intimacy with God.

  • You crave more space for yourself without the guilt.

  • You are ready to reclaim your individual identity aside from being a mom and wife.

  • You want more energy in your day and a clear head to complete things.

  • You know there is more of you to offer the world but unsure how to find your soul calling or create space around your hectic family life to activate it.

  • You feel there are toxic characteristics to your relationship and seek clarity on determining what to do from here. 

  • You are ready to love your body and feel sexier in the skin you’re in.

  • You yearn for deeper connection with your partner.

  • You desire to pour from a full cup and bless others around you from a place of love and honoring instead of a “depleted/have to” energy.

  • You seek a like-minded community to be supported, encouraged and uplifted by.

This is not for you if:

  • You’re fine with your life the way it is.

  • You’re too afraid of what in your life will change from doing this work. 

  • You’re quick to give up on yourself when anyone else needs something.

  • You don’t believe you are worth investing in yourself. 

What we Cover: 

  • Restore-Your right to self care. 

  • Reset-Healthy habits and establish consistency in nourishing your temple in all areas of your physical layer.  Determine what physical conditions are necessary for you to be successful. 

  • Release-Identify key stressors and learn healthy ways to decrease the charge around them.  Feel lighter by letting go of deeply rooted suppressed feelings and core emotional wounds.  Heal any shame or guilt you have been carrying and activate solid ways to regulate your nervous system.  

  • Realign-Rediscover your radiance and true beauty (both inside and out).  Establish healthy boundaries and learn effective communication in order to advocate for your feelings, needs and voice.  

  • Reclaim-Activate your power and authority as a daughter of the King and create an action plan and vision for how you will show up in all areas of your life going forward. 

What You Get!

12 Modules



Telegram Group

Weekly 90 Minute Q&A Calls During “on” Weeks


Prayer Circle

Breathwork Sessions

Feminine Embodiment Practices

Meet your Instructor Ruth Olivares

I am a Certified Master Coach & Teachers Assistant for Elementum Coaching Institute. I have spent the last 15 years specializing as a holistic health practitioner and utilizing a vast array of techniques to help others find relief from physical and emotional pain.

I have a bachelors in psychology, masters in mental health counseling, a NYS license in massage therapy and educator of bodywork modalities, a 500-hour yoga certification, am a certified breath work facilitator, somatic stress release practitioner and a dōTERRA essential oil advocate.

I am a Kingdom wife and home birthing mother of 2 beautiful children. I know what it’s like to feel so lost in the chaotic swirl of a marriage full of conflict and how to restore solid ground. My heartbeat is helping the often undervalued group of warriors who are moms of faith actualize their true worth as the crown of creation and find freedom in knowing Who’s they are and how they deserve to be treated.

Will you be one of them?



Trisha Saila, AVP Robert Half, Life Coach

I worked with Ruth for 3+months on body image and self worth. There are no words to describe the magic that happens when Ruth is coaching. I've been involved in the self development world for 20 years and with Ruth, was the first time I was able to truly see and feel what was going on with me.


Nicole Drobny

When I met Ruth for our first session, I felt immediate trust. I could feel her compassion and desire to help me through the computer screen. She held a loving space, and at the same time asked me the hard questions to challenge me. I felt more comfortable with her sharing deeply personal and some traumatic experiences that I have never shared with anyone. For the first time, I felt free, like a great burden had been lifted from me. Ruth has a large number of tools in her toolbox to help any client. Don't wait! Run to work with her!


Rachel Cuthbert

I loved having Ruth as a coach! She held such an amazing space for me to explore some deep spaces. Her energy is amazing. During our time together, I was able to make some significant shifts that allowed me to show up more to my relationship with myself. I loved working with her & recommend her to anyone who is ready to make big shifts in their life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a mom to be in this program?

Absolutely not.  This is really for any woman who feels like she is holding the weight of everything in her life above tending to her own needs.  

Do I have to have a certain faith or belief system to be in this program? 

This program is geared towards women of a Christian faith background and I will be referring to God and Jesus in my communication and referencing certain Bible verses in modules. This is not to discriminate another belief system by any means but just to give you more insight as to what you will experience if you choose to enroll. 

How is this program structured?

3 weeks on, 1 week off.

Self paced or structured with deadlines?

This program is designed to go through week by week together as a group.  Therefore, there will be 1 module a week released every other week with the week in between being breath work or a movement session then the last week of the month is reserved for integration, catching up of already covered modules and a prayer circle before the following module is released.  

Will I have access to the course once it’s over?  

Yes.  The material will be yours to review as long as the program exists.

What kind of ongoing support will I have while in the program?

We will communicate via a private Telegram group during the length of the program between session Q&A calls. 

Is there a payment plan option? 

Yes there is both a pay-in-full and payment plan option. 

What kind of time commitment is expected during the program?

About 2-3 hours a week during the duration of the program (6 months). This time estimate includes group calls and any self reflection workbook responses.

What kind of results should I expect from Masterpiece?

For those who go all in and give 100% effort to the work, you can expect to heal a lot of longstanding wounds, increase awareness of yourself, truly see your value and worth, have a deeper faith and more intimate walk with God, freedom to be your true authentic self and a beautiful supportive network of soul sisters for life.  

Is there a refund policy for this program?

At the facilitators discretion.  

Every woman is a

Can you imagine a life where you stop seeking validation from others and know you have always been enough just as you are?

This is what awaits you on the other side.  Now knowing what’s available, choosing not to take it is like being given the keys to your dream home then day in and day out continuing to look at it from the window of your RV parked in its driveway…

get out of the wilderness…

your land of milk and honey is right here…

Already accessible… 

You just have to decide to claim it. 

Are you ready to see yourself the way God always has?

Monday: 8am-8pm Wednesday: 8-6:30

Friday: 9-2:30 Saturday: 8-2pm

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